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About Us

Our Vision

Taking you back in time, reminding you of the authentic taste of 1930's.

Our priority lies in serving the most qualitative products with focus on hygiene and authenticity. Our D.N.A of good taste lies in the homemade blend of spices, carefully selected raw materials and ancient style of coal cooking methods on chullah's and earthen Handi's.
The modern world is fast changing and much is emphasized on growth pattern, the increasing demand has made this heritage brand with a legacy of over 80 years, established in 1931 to segment itself into restaurants, dhabha`s and delivery units. The management at Kake Da Hotel believes that their customer loyalty has been high since 1931 mainly due to the consistent good taste offered over the period of last 80 years.
One must try our most famous delacacies in the era of gastronomy such as chicken curry, dahi wala meat, brain curry. Our newly introduced innovations such as zeera chicken are not found elsewhere. Our bar-be-que recipes shall offer you the widest and best varities of Indian tandoori delicacies.

Late Mr. Amolak Ram Chopra's


In 1931, in the erstwhile Lahore now in Pakistan an eatery was started with borrowed money from acquaintances which was returned subsequently, by the elder son of the Chopra clan; Amolak Ram Chopra alias "Kaka" who toiled hard to establish one Kake Da Hotel & at times worked his culinary skills before earthen kilns for 72 hours at a stretch as told by him to son Ashok Kaka."Kake Da Hotel" got established & later shifted base to Delhi at the time of partition of India in 1947-48.

Everyone's Favourite


Kake has highly skilled and well-trained chefs who ensure that the food quality remains consistent. Personally guided & supervised by Ashok K. Chopra, the chefs work hard to create the original taste every time. Ashok Kaka's expertise can be assessed by the fact that even without tasting a dish, he can tell if it is well cooked or needs improvement. The restaurant's service is fast and efficient. The staff, which has been with Kake for a long time, facilitates guests, right from the moment they come to Kake until they leave after dining.

The Management Team


  • Ashok K. Chopra

    Ashok K. Chopra with an engineering background played the key role to keep the charm of Kake Da Hotel. With the loss of his father late shree Amolak Ram Chopra, he gave up his engineering career and participated in the functioning of the restaurant operations. With initial struggle and dedicated hard work he began creating systems and procedures to handle the increasing customer flow. With years of experience and expertise in the restaurant industry he moved his focus on expansion and realized the requirement of people talented in hospitality industry and business administration. While he trained the elder son in business administration, his younger son was trained in hospitality management. "IT IS NEVER A ONE MAN'S SHOW TO CREATE AN EMPIRE" says ashok, and is always focused on family's progress.

  • Tushar Chopra

    The younger son of the family in the 3rd generation, Tushar graduated from Oxford Brookes University and has worked with Marriot Hotels in United Kingdoms. During his tenure of education he designed numerous business models and launched them successfully, he has also revived certain restaurants from losses as part of his training. The young entrepreneur believes strongly in work ethics and focuses on the basics for this brand's existence. He currently leads the operational management of Kake Da Hotel, and designs the growth sequel and strategies of the upcoming ventures.

  • Abhishek Chopra

    The eldest son of the family in the 3rd generation, abhishek completed his graduation from Amity Business School. An excellent sportsmen with numerous awards in equestrian has a balanced personality with as much focus on business as in sports. He has worked with the most leading companies in manufacturing and trading. With the expertise knowledge in the corporate industry he has launched his own business projects with share holdings. He is the backbone of financial management of Kake Da Hotel and its upcoming ventures.

  • Niharika Chopra

    The oldest daughter of the 3rd generation, Niharika is an alumni of University of Manchester where she earned her masters degree in retail with distinction. She has continued the trend of excellence in various business ventures she initiated upon return to India, many with international ties. She readily models most of her work on her experience in international trade, and brings that inspiration, focus and proven track record to the family team at Kake Da Hotel, where she manages all aspects of legal and business strategy

What support Kake Da Hotel will provide

In view of achieving a smooth and well-aligned support system, the franchisor (Kake Da Hotel) has devised a systematic assistance profram for the franchisees.

  • Set up

    Assistance in selection of best location for the restaurant besides assisting in set up operations including designing of the restaurant.

  • Training

    -Conducting comprehensive training program on how to manage the business operations
    -Providing training to chef and the main staff prior to start of restaurant operations
    -Conducting refersher training programs from time to time


    Facilitation in cost-effective sourcing of raw materials and equipment like events, coolers, freezers, cook tops etc. from trusted and reliable suppliers

  • Marketing

    Sharing experience & knowledge on how to market and communicate the restaurant proposition

  • Operations Manual

    Providing Operations Manual containing mandatory & important specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for runnings the franchies operations

  • Facilitation

    The Franchisees will benifit from onging R&D, menu development and enhancement and other market development initiatives taken by the restaurant management from time to time

  • Advertising & Promotions

    Organizing events specific to marketing & branding of Kake Da Hotel at regional/national level in association with franchisees, including participation in events and tie ups with publications etc