Welcome to Kake Da Hotel

88 years of trust and profitability

The Beginning

Kake Da Hotel is a legendary family restaurant founded by Late Shri Amlok Ram Chopra during Pre independence era in 1931 in Lahore (Pakistan). Nicknamed as Kake .He was a visionary entrepreneur who believed in proving food to as many people as possible at affordable prices.After the partition in 1947 he moved to New Delhi and started Kake Da Hotel in Connaught Place and the rest in history. Today Kake Da Hotel has 30+ restaurants across india.


Kake da Hotel today

Kake Da Hotel is now run by the Son and Grandson of Amlok Ram Chopra

All the operations of Kake da Hotel are now run by Ashok Chopra (son of Amlok Ram Chopra) and Tushar Chopra(Grandson of Amlok Ram Chopra).

They together have established over 30+ franchises across india.

 Kake Da Hotel has been serving the who’s who of the political, entertainment and corporate in India and has been adorned by various Certificates of Appreciations.